got s4, teen wolf s3, vikings(italian), dracula
The Hobbit
working on:
I should probably start studying

waiting for

teen wolf s4,
vikings s3,
the vampire diaries

the pretty reckless yeah

my playlist

1. Burn Bright -My Chemical Romance
2. Surrender The Night -My Chemical Romance
3. Eyes On Fire -Blue Foundation
4. A Simple Beautiful Truth -Wild Beats
5. Going To Hell -The Pretty Reckless
6. Me -The 1975
7. R U Mine -Arctic Monkeys
8. Just One Yesterday -Fall Out Boy
9. Blood -In This Moment
10. Someone Else's Bed -Hole
11. Absolution -The Pretty Reckless

and welcome to my blog

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ps: i'm not english, i'm italian then i'm sorry for some mistakes. pardon!



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Listening: tpr, 30stm, the maine, sws, the 1975, taylor swift, lana del rey, paramore, fall out boy etc
Welcome to my personal blog, here you will find my favoured TV series (game of thrones, supernatural, teen wolf, vikings, the vampire diaries), songs, singers and bands (the pretty reckless, 30seconds to mars, black veil brides..), movies, myths & art.

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personal blog

it's roberta
hi everyone, this tumblr is dedicated to taylor momsen and the pretty reckless. i also love the 1975, 30stm, the maine, my chemical romance, black veil brides and others. byee


Happy 21st Birthday Taylor ♥

Happy 21st Birthday Taylor ♥


This letter was written by the Echelon after some considerations about a lot of changes in the band and the most problematic aspects originated after the last album. It’s NOT a protesting or a disapproving letter, we only wanted to give them some advice.
We hope Mars could accept and take our…

Taylor Michel Momsen - 26.07.1993

Taylor Michel Momsen - 26.07.1993

Direwolves or Dragons? (x)

th ♡