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hi everyone and welcome to my personal blog, this tumblr is dedicated to taylor momsen and the pretty reckless. here you will find my favoured TV series (game of thrones, supernatural, teen wolf, vikings, the vampire diaries, merlin), songs, singers and bands (the pretty reckless, 30seconds to mars, the maine, the 1975, lana del rey etc), movies, myths & art. byee


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p.s: i'm not english, i'm italian then i'm sorry for some mistakes. pardon!

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I am not afraid, I won't burn out in this place my intention is to fade and I will

Songs from Light Me Up (2010, UK edition) Part 1/3

Out in New York City // 09/18/14

Out in New York City // 09/18/14

"io delle Marche!! aspè ma avevamo già parlato? perchè la mia memoria è abbastanza corta ahahah"

No mai parlato! Sono felice di conoscere una fan dei the pretty su tumblr e per di più italiana!! 

"siiii di dove sei??"

Puglia! ;) Tu?? 


† The Pretty Reckless †

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Video from jaredsbun
follow her on twitter! [at]cheriemaestas